Construction Management Software to Help You Manage Contractor Projects Safely

Construction Management Software to Help You Manage Contractor Projects Safely

Let the experts handle it! You wouldn’t hire an electrician to fix a leak in your pipes, so why hire the wrong contractor for the job? You hire specialized workers for specialized jobs. Hire the right contractor every time with Gensuite.

However, even specialized workers, like contractors, at your site add an extra layer of risk for your operations. With projects that involve contractors working side-by-side your workers, you can’t afford sub-optimal safety operations. That’s why Gensuite offers construction management software to help you manage your contractor projects safely, every time.

By thoroughly screening potential contractors, you can ensure you hire the right contractors for the job – and ensure that less risks and incidents will happen once your construction project kicks-off.

Gensuite helps to manage contractor relationships, so that you can feel confident about the safety of your employees throughout the entire project. Gensuite Contractor Management establishes a contractor selection process, drives management of contractor firms through qualifications using a centralized repository, tracks active onsite contractor projects, and provides access to safety performance and contractor employee records for complete visibility.

By integrating with the Gensuite Survey Engine application, Contractor Manager allows you to create and manage contractor qualification forms and surveys with the added flexibility to use across a global business to easily send to all of your contractors. This ensures your contactors will be able to work together within a unified system and meet the same matching criteria for your business needs.


We understand that many construction project sites are off the grid. That’s why we’re mobile. No internet, no problem! You can access offline forms through the Gensuite Mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Want to see what our Contractor Management software can do? Watch this video to learn more or send us an inquiry for a free demo to learn more. We want to make your next contractor selection process a success!


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