comSpark 2018: Innovating for the Next Generation

comSpark 2018: Innovating for the Next Generation

Innovation, community and a passion for technology are what make comSpark a unique event from the rest. We understood this back during our first visit in 2017, where out Founder and CEO, R Mukund, gave a talk on the importance of diversity in the workplace. This year was no different, as we continued to share what we value most at comSpark 2018!

ComSpark has always been about technology and innovation in Cincinnati’s business world, but has equally been about the community members that make up this discussion. This year, Gensuite was able to speak about both topics in two unique breakout sessions led by our Cincinnati location’s leaders. Gensuite Senior Manager of Corporate, Brittany O’Bryan, was one of our attendees who had the opportunity to take the stage and talk about her experiences hiring millennials.

“There are a lot of myths about millennials,” O’Bryan explains, “the truth is, most millennials aren’t entitled or lazy, but instead are eager to grow and learn as much as they can in their field.”

We’re all too aware of the stigmas given to those born in the 80’s and mid-90’. Some calling it the “Me Generation” characterized by those with little work ethic and sometimes even disrespect for those in leadership positions. While we’re sure this is true for many millennials, it’s just as true to the generations that have come before. If your company is looking to hire younger professionals, it’s important to find new ways to interact with them and find out how to best serve each member of your team, millennial or otherwise.

O’Bryan also discussed her methods to keep millennials active within the company. “Namely, through continuous education and ongoing training sessions, we’re able to keep millennial workers engaged with both their tasks as well as their co-workers. Keep them engaged, give them feedback, and you’ll see that millennials are very capable team members.”

For the other Gensuite team member led session at comSpark, we had our two members, Senior Manager Lucas Read and Lead IT Security Systems Analyst David Fritz, spoke on behalf of the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it has changed how we interact with our subscribers.

“We started simple,” Read stated, “from describing what personal data means, what GDPR is, and eventually worked our way to defining some important key terms. Followed by what Gensuite does to help protect the personal data of your customers, now and up until the future.”

As well as the previous millennial session, our GDPR breakout was very interactive with a full crowd of attendees.

“There was a lot of good interaction between us and the audience,” Fritz explained. “From people wanting to learn more about our solutions to asking questions that would help them better understand what GDPR is in the first place.”

After both sessions had finished, comSpark still had a lot to offer to our attendees. We’re always happy to attend events like comSpark that allow our team to not only expand our reach, but learn new things that make us better at what we do.



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