Achieve More with Comprehensive Distribution Solutions – Tools for Your Success

Achieve More with Comprehensive Distribution Solutions – Tools for Your Success

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The shift from brick and mortar retail to digital marketplaces and simultaneous global expansion has created a unique need to diversify and innovate within the distribution industry, and distribution solutions that can match that evolution and innovation have become more necessary than ever.

On top of industry evolutionary changes, companies in the distribution industry must also manage the protection of their employees. While the severity of distribution related incidents wavers, the causes usually stem from a lack of training, a lack of protective measures and a lack of communication. How can you achieve more with comprehensive distribution solutions using tools for your success?

What Are Distribution Center Workplace Risks?

Something as simple as footwear can pose as a serious risk. For a New Jersey firm, a penalty from Cal/OSHA was issued to the tune of over $300,000 for failure to provide proper foot protections while on site. Even though the distribution firm provided foot protection, it was not in compliance, meaning that worker’s feet were still at high risk to hazards like forklifts. Had the firm been more proactive, however, early warnings issued by Cal/OSHA should have prompted immediate corrective action to avoid the fine-causing incident in the first place.

Another challenge distribution companies must contend with is protecting employees from equipment-related incidents. Working with heavy machinery associated with the distribution industry requires efficient and effective equipment maintenance and management – the kind that an effective distribution solution can make easy.

Barriers are important to demonstrate a path for heavy machinery to travel on. An Iowa distribution center, for example, was fined $88,000 when it exposed workers to potential crushing and striking hazards by heavy machinery including forklifts. Regarding the fine, Larry Davidson, OSHA director in Des Moines, stated, “Each year, thousands of workers are injured – some fatally – while operating forklifts. Employers with workers who move materials with forklifts must ensure loads are stable, and pathways are clear to prevent injury.”

How Can You Find & Implement a Solution?

These are just some of the risks distribution centers face. Companies in this industry must choose a compliance & management solution that prevents and remedies these workplace risks. Along with health and safety; product quality, inventory tracking and environmental compliance are all factors that must be considered when establishing a productive distribution center.

With Gensuite’s distribution solutions, companies in the distribution industry can establish safe and sustainable workplace environments. Cloud-based applications built on industry best practices help prevent and remedy issues before they happen. Applications in the Quality Management Software suite like Continuous Improvement, Action Tracking System and Inspection Tool provide tools to help your team effectively identify issues, resolve problems with corrective actions and conduct equipment inspections & audits to prevent risks. These tools create a collaborative, communicative environment where employees can work together to improve the condition of their work environment and processes.

Additionally, proper training and regular assessments can be critical in a distribution solution. Training Tracker keeps your workers engaged with their work and can provide them with updated training requirements and qualifications to drive best practices. Contractors can also be monitored on-the-job with Gensuite Contractor Manager. Ensure contractors meet necessary qualifications, and oversee on-site behavior to enable safety for your entire team. Additionally, your company can commit to environmentally sustainable practices with Gensuite’s line of award-winning environmental applications.

With Gensuite Software, your distribution center can be safe while also ensuring the highest possible quality of products and equipment. Are you ready to try Gensuite at your site? Visit  to learn about our free trial.


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