A Community of Collaboration = Idea Exchange, Conferences and more!

A Community of Collaboration = Idea Exchange, Conferences and more!

EHS Software Customer Community Idea Exchange Conference 2016

The success of any business depends on the nurturing, support, and collaboration of an array of people and experiences.

A Gensuite subscriber once said, “An idea not shared is an idea lost,” which is instrumental to the evolution of technology changes and business solutions. The annual Gensuite Customer Conference intends to maximize collaboration and partnerships, and ensure that no idea is left unexplored.

Gensuite owes its success to its 100+ subscribers worldwide, an increase of 10X the number of subscribers we had five years ago, and for developing constant engagement through a collaboration platform within its subscriber community. Our dedication to leading-edge technology, best-in-class customer support, and subscriber excellence would not be possible without our strong community of industry leaders, teams, subscribers, and supporters.

Introducing: Idea Exchange

Idea Exchange facilitates engagement between Gensuite and its subscribers, as well as allowing subscribers to speak amongst one another. Gensuite’s collaboration with customers fuels the future, which is why platforms like Idea Exchange helps it to stay abreast of ever-changing regulatory, program, and technology trends. This collaboration allows users to share ideas with other subscribers in their current market, benchmark to see how to best leverage Gensuite, and network.
Gensuite Subscribers also have an opportunity to share best practices and discuss business needs at an annual Gensuite Conference, where over 300 users gather to learn from their peers, collaborate on the next Gensuite innovations, and learn about current market trends and technologies.

One conference attendee, a prominent leader at a Top 30 Fortune 500 company, stated:

“The most interesting thing about attending the Gensuite Conference is not only do you get to see the future of the applications, you also get to hear different perspectives of other people in the industry who are thinking about the applications in a different way than you have been.”

The success of the 2016 annual conference inspired the Gensuite team to host seven additional user conferences across the globe in Australia, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Singapore and the United Kingdom. These regional user conferences are a fantastic way for the global Gensuite subscriber community to plug in, hear the latest on Gensuite technologies, meet other users in their region, and to provide valuable insights on where they want to see the platform go in the future.
Through Idea Exchange, the Customer Conference, as well as day-to-day interactions with clients and prospective clients, Gensuite is continuing to evolve as a customer-centric company. This collaboration allows subscribers to showcase their thoughts and wishes for the Gensuite products they are incorporating into their daily activities. Gensuite has been able to enhance its uniqueness within the marketplace by putting their customers’ needs above everything else.

Catch Up With Us

The Annual Gensuite Customer Conference introduces technological innovations, exciting subscriber collaborations, and best-in-class EHS thought leadership. Our teams love nothing more than meeting subscribers, partners, and EHS experts at our conferences. Catch up with us at one of our upcoming events.


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