Cloud-Based Water Solutions: Erin Brockovich Goes Digital

Cloud-Based Water Solutions: Erin Brockovich Goes Digital


Why Should I Invest in Water Management Software?

Water Management is often taken for granted – but it’s absolutely integral to keeping the public safe and healthy. Although it is not the only city affected by tainted or improperly treated water, Flint Michigan is commonly cited as reason to increase water regulations. Even movies like Erin Brockovich address the consequences of neglecting proper water treatment.

But what can EHS professionals do to improve wastewater, storm, and potable water management systems? Gensuite environmental compliance applications offer streamlined, data-driven EHS software solutions that enable you to meet and exceed regulatory compliance with ease.

What is Water Management Software?

Water Watch helps businesses achieve compliance with regulatory discharge standards by streamlining and digitizing wastewater monitoring and compliance activities. This includes automatic monitoring task notifications, exception handling, and performance capability assessment.

Gensuite software offers holistic EHS, sustainability and quality compliance management, and it’s fully Mobile-compatible, meaning that it goes where you do, whether that’s in the field or behind a desk. We understand that EHS and sustainability management doesn’t always happen behind a computer screen, so Gensuite software is accessible from the palm of your hand, whether you have internet access or not. Learn more about our Mobile offerings!

What can Water Management Software do for you?

  • Ensure compliance via streamlined management of permitted water sources
  • Trend real-time performance against operational and permit limits
  • Monitor contaminant limits for each permit required & proper authority alert systems
  • Provide data on-the-go with its Mobile capabilities
  • Reduce manual labor and transcription errors

Water Watch has been integral to one Gensuite subscriber’s success in minimizing the impact of scenarios such as hydraulic oil leaks. After implementing Water Watch, facility personnel and environmental compliance specialists can readily spot upward trends for oil and grease and rectify the situation well before their discharge limits. Gensuite Water Watch has helped maintain parameter values at less than 50% of the facility permit limits.

Gensuite Water Management holistically manages your company’s water resources with Mobile-enabled, cloud-based software solutions. From Safety programs, to environmental compliance and sustainability, Gensuite enables your company to identify resource savings opportunities, track storm and wastewater compliance

Gensuite subscribers have logged over 200,000 water samples in Water Watch alone, and highly recommend this system to other users.

What are Gensuite subscribers saying?

One subscriber raved, “Gensuite Water Watch has helped us manage our contaminant levels upstream, and prevented us from reaching discharge levels above regulatory limits. Using the charting and automatic notifications we know ahead of time to correct rather than after a discharge!” By utilizing all these functions to monitor water data, your business could stay under 50% of parameter limits and prevent a crisis from happening.

Simplify Water Management Today

Gensuite offers a full suite of environmental compliance applications that enable you to manage key compliance aspects of air, water and waste regulations. Minimize your carbon footprint, maximize your company’s savings and guarantee regulatory compliance today.

To learn more about how Water Watch enables wastewater, storm water and freshwater compliance, schedule a demo with our experts today.




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