Choosing the Right “Yellow Brick Road” of Data Analysis Tools

Choosing the Right “Yellow Brick Road” of Data Analysis Tools

Trying to find an easy way to data mine is a lot like deciding which yellow brick road to follow. EHS leaders need a data analysis tool similar to a snap of the fingers, a click of the heels, and voila—data is simplified! How can you choose the right “yellow brick road” or data analysis tool to simplify your data mining processes? Below are helpful things to look out for in your search for the perfect data analysis tool.

Dynamic Data Dashboards

Advanced data mining applications come with dashboards that feed you, EHS managers, and supervisor’s computers, with real-time data as it flows in and out of various databases within your company’s environment. Data mining techniques are applied to give live insight and monitoring of data to the stakeholders. The Gensuite

Instant Insights data analysis tool might be the perfect choose for EHS leaders to perform high level data analysis. With an enhanced view of metrics across all sites, Instant Insights allows users to create a personalized dashboard of the trends they want to track. Additionally, it helps users monitor open and pending items across applications, and provides users with multivariable analysis to identify site specific trends.

Gather All the Data

It’s critical for broadly reaching EHS teams who have sites at numerous different locations to gather as much data as possible at each site to see how they compare against one another for proper data analysis.

A Gensuite subscriber and EHS leader at a science and technology innovation company needed an easy way to compare data for his five businesses encompassing almost 100 sites at his organization. Using Instant Insights, he was able to create a functional layout for each business leader across the organization. These leaders can view metrics specifically for their business, and each site lead receives an email with their employees’ metrics. Instead of compiling the data by hand before their general meetings, Instant Insights made populating metrics effortless. The subscriber raved, “I wanted to send a note saying thanks for the new dashboard layouts feature. It’s Fantastic!! I really like how I can set it for each of my Platforms.”

Customizable with Trend Reporting

Once you have a data analytics tool that captures your findings, it’s important to be able to measure trends within your company. Gensuite Instant Insights gets to the heart of your business needs. By providing key site metrics and customization of trend data over time, it can help create metric reports for site and organization levels and keep pace with ever-changing business needs. Customers who use Instant Insights love that the application allows them to send metrics for any chosen scope to site leads and organizational leaders with ease.

“Gensuite Instant Insights was designed to provide quick trend analysis of key metrics for the site. It not only provides site leads with how the site is performing but also lets them customize and compare their trend in Dashboard against other sites.”

Which applications do you use on the road to EHS excellence? Contact us to let us know how we can expand Gensuite Instant Insights to meet your needs.


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