Celebrating the Women Around the World at Gensuite

Celebrating the Women Around the World at Gensuite

We must admit, the people on the Gensuite team are truly incredible. They are always pushing past boundaries, brainstorming new innovations, and tackling challenges that at first glance may look insurmountable. And with today being International Women’s Day, it gives us a chance to shine a special spotlight on all of the incredible women who continue to make Gensuite strong!

With this year’s theme being #BalanceforBetter, we’re continuing our mission of equal opportunity, where diversity isn’t just welcomed but championed.

In software and IT, industries that are often underrepresented in female team members, we continue to work towards a path of quality and opportunity in those fields of Gensuite as well as our other career opportunities. Like our North American Gensuite Corporate team, which is comprised upwards of 84% women. And in our global offices, we’re we commit to the idea of having everyone’s voice heard around the world no matter their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

For Women’s Day and beyond, Gensuite is continuing to not only champion women who work within our walls but champion them so they may achieve even more! Like our recent team members shortlisted for the Women in IT Awards and our Executive Member who was recognized by her alma matter. We look forward to the future accomplishments our women will make in the years to come!

Here’s to our amazing team members on the Gensuite team and to amazing women who are working towards a brighter future. Happy International Women’s Day from our team to yours!



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