Celebrating Gensuite’s Most Active Users – Together We Make a Difference

Celebrating Gensuite’s Most Active Users – Together We Make a Difference

Gensuite is honored to support our one million+ strong-user community – each user making a
di­fference every day with safety, sustainability and compliance globally in their organizations. We are
inspired by our most active users – their engagement, thought-leadership and invaluable inputs drive
Gensuite innovation, allowing us to match the needs of like-minded leaders across the world.

To showcase our most active users’ stories, we asked them to share their thoughts and experiences with us. Learn from our champions about their Gensuite experience – because knowledge is power!

Sarah Marshman

Global EHS Program Manager

Ingersoll Rand

Sarah has been an active user of Gensuite ever since her team’s rollout in 2014. That means she started using Gensuite’s analytics tools before our latest recharge, which Sarah and her team members like for its “common look and feel, which makes [their Gensuite Application Modules] more intuitive” to use. Today, Sarah continues to filter and report data with Gensuite Analytics | Powered by Tableau®.



Millie Duke

Quality Program Manager

Thyssen Krupp

For the past 3+ years, Millie has been utilizing Gensuite in her efforts to create a safer and more efficient workplace as a Quality Program Manager. She utilizes Gensuite’s Quality Concern Reporting to document areas of improvement to implement and track corrective actions, working along side Gensuite Continuous Improvement. “The two applications work hand-in-hand to provide the opportunity for product improvement.”



Lauren Cabral

Manager of Safety Programs and Compliance Assurance


Out of some of our most active users, Lauren has been working with Gensuite for a significant amount of time, with over 5 years of experience utilizing Gensuite to help her team stay in compliance and keep safety a top priority. Her favorite feature to help keep her on track is the ability to receive notification and email reminders for desktop and Mobile. These notifications track reoccurring tasks, completion of jobs, and ongoing audits, among many other helpful features!



Amanda Shenton

EMEA EHS Manager

NBC Universal

When she’s not in front of the camera, Amanda oversees the implementation and ongoing Environmental, Health and Safety management of dozens of sites. The one thing she “can’t function without” is Gensuite’s Compliance Calendar. One of our most popular application modules, Compliance Calendar helps users track assigned tasks and responsibilities while keeping up with the statuses of ongoing projects to prevent past-due obligations.



Tracy Kelley-Williams

Engineering Manager/Administrator of Management of Change Program

Afton Chemical

Tracy has been utilizing Gensuite for just under two years to help her team manage change and track their use of chemicals. To keep herself up-to-date, Tracy relies on weekly summary reporting to help her track ongoing tasks and events.




Jerry Curran

Quality Engineer

Thyssen Krupp

Jerry first became familiar with Gensuite over two years ago. He quickly became more active with our solutions in 2018 when he started utilizing Quality Concern Reporting to address quality improvement concerns in the workplace. One of his favorite features about the Gensuite solution, is the ability to work with Gensuite experts to tailor his experience to fit the specific needs of his business.



Richard Bishop

Site Process Safety Lead


For Richard, 60% of his day is spent inside the Gensuite App. Since 2001, he has been utilizing Gensuite to help him and his team with modules like Action Tracking System, Contractor Manager, Incidents & Measurements and Training Tracker, just to name a few. Richard has been the go-to Gensuite expert at his workplace and has been a constant inspiration for our team for new apps and improvements to existing ones.



We value each unique user that contributes to Gensuite’s 30+ industries we serve – a user community of 1 million and counting. Each industry exists within Gensuite because of you. Individually and collectively, we power the Gensuite solutions of tomorrow. And to the most active users, we recognize your commitment to making Gensuite a more leading-edge solution with your constant engagement and innovative ideas. Here’s to moving forward – together.


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