Gensuite is celebrating a 20 year anniversary! In our 20th year, we are excited to share our story with you. Our story has been captured and made possible through a dedicated subscriber community, thought-leading partners, and a team with a rich EHS background. Since beginning our journey in 1997, it has been our mission to develop cutting edge IT solutions built on cross-functional best practice processes with flexible intelligent options – and to never stop innovating. We have grown tremendously in our first 20 years and we are looking forward to the next 20 years.

A Sneak Peek…
Gensuite Book Contents

Two Decades of a Vision

What began as three applications transformed into the Gensuite today. Gensuite now offers 65+ applications developed together through 20 years of experience, passion, evolution, and community. When we build together, we turn aspirations into reality.

Leading Solution for 20 Years

What has made Gensuite a leading solution for 20 years? It’s our roots in EHS, our customer-centric mentality, and our best-in-tech software solutions. From leading the way in mobile, to collaborating on the latest tech projects, Gensuite solutions stand out because we care and continuously innovate.

The Next 20 Years

How will Gensuite remain a leading solution? With 5 innovative ideas into the future and a few projects already in the works – all alongside the support of a brilliant subscriber community – we say bring on the next 20 because we are ready!

Celebrate 20 Years with Gensuite.
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