Occupational Health

Boosting Organizational Performance with Integrated Occupational Health & Safety Management

As organizations grow, they require more adaptable system architecture for organizational alignment; limitations become barriers to productivity. With complicated system design, maintenance costs can amount by unused features or not having enough capabilities to meet the needs of the organization. Discover in this case study, how one organization uses Gensuite’s MedCare to solve organizational tasks within the occupational health & safety industry.

Optimizing Supply Chain Transparency and Organizational Efficiency

With operations in 8 different countries and over 25,000 suppliers, this company recognized the need for a complete digital solution able to support initiatives for Modern Slavery/Anti-Human Trafficking due diligence, Conflict Minerals, and other supplier responsibility programs.

Partner Case Study – Tetratech

Tetra Tech, a worldwide consulting and engineering solutions provider, has differentiated itself as a leader in the product compliance space by extending its value through its partnership with Gensuite.

Powering Up Business Insights With Gensuite’s Integrated Tableau® Solution

Collecting data is crucial for organizations to effectively understand the inner workings of their company and develop future-focused business strategies. See how this company leveraged Gensuite Analytics for EHS data evaluation.

From Free Trial to Full Deployment: How to Gain Stakeholder Buy-In for EHS Software Deployment

See how we partnered with a Gensuite Champion to showcase an EHS system’s value proposition and ultimately convince the company’s executives to transition to Gensuite by leveraging just a month of Gensuite’s Free Trial option.

Streamlining Supplier Due Diligence & Advancing Product Compliance Programs

When an industry-leading industrial and consumer tools and equipment manufacturer with sites worldwide needed to streamline supplier engagement and improve their product compliance program, the company deployed Gensuite’s Product Steward platform to improve compliance and drive productivity gains using a single digitized tool. Discover how they did it!

EHS Management Software Case Studies

Implementing Economical, Ready-Made EHS Software to Transform Program Performance & Mitigate Risks

An automotive manufacturer deployed a full-featured, affordable EHS solution at a single, large site to digitize program processes, mitigate risks and drive site efficiency.

sustainability and ehs performance case study

Driving EH&S and Sustainability Performance Metrics Across a Global Enterprise

How a global company successfully digitized EH&S and sustainability key performance indicators, enhanced operational leadership through visual displays of validated KPIs, and saved 4+ weeks of productivity annually, at the corporate-level alone.

Digitized Behavior-Based Observations for Safety Program Improvement

One global company needed a comprehensive, digitized system of EHS and safety management. They needed a digital system for tracking safety observations to log corporate audits. After working with Gensuite they found a solution that matched their business needs.

Implementing Behavior-Based Safety to Identify Workplace Safety Risks

A behavior-based approach to safety drives employee engagement, identifies the greatest behavior safety risks, and helps one nationally recognized food retailer and distribution company meet 100% of safety observation targets.

Incident Management Software and Incident Reporting Software Case Study

Streamlining EHS Audits & Inspections for Improved Operations, Site Readiness & Employee Engagement

With a strong global presence and warehouses processing a variety of consumer goods, this company needed a versatile EHS auditing tool with the ability to expand and customize with their area readiness program.

Training Management Software Case Study Download

Integrating EHS After a Major Business Merger & Acquisition

Integrating EHS software at 300+ global sites following a M&A event requires a cohesive strategy that includes phased transition planning, stakeholder outreach and training, and systematic global implementation. With Gensuite, this company completed a large scale integration over 12 months.

Energy Management Software and Sustainability Software Case Study Download

Enabling a Global Company to Drive & Track Site Implementation of EHS Program Elements

This industrial tech leader launched an initiative to systematically implement EHS and sustainability program elements to standardize key processes at global sites. Executing the initiative via a digital solution enabled sites to adopt applicable program elements while providing continuous visibility to corporate management.

EHS Compliance Software Case Studies

Deploying Compliance a & Management System to Mitigate Dynamic Safety Environment Challenges

Learn how this US-based company managed safety and compliance throughout the build-out of a high profile construction project for a research & development center in China.

Making the Switch: How a Global Enterprise Improved Unique Site Operations by Switching from Excel® Spreadsheets to Gensuite

This multi-specialty chemical company innovates and partners with customers in diverse global markets. That’s why they switched from an Excel-based approach to Gensuite’s integrated, enterprise-wide system for managing their diverse operations–to overcome the challenges and limitations inherent to Excel®.

Accelerating Issue Resolution Using Quality Management System Software

Ensuring top quality products and services requires businesses to invest time, money and energy to effectively capture and resolve quality issues. Deploying Quality Management System software eases your effort by providing tools that handle quality management activities on a single platform.

Revolutionizing Concern Reporting with Incident Management Software & Mobile Quick Response (QR) Code Technology

With dozens of sites to manage in hazardous operating environments, this conglomerate business needed a better system to manage incidents across locations. The company worked with Gensuite to deploy a digitized, Mobile-enabled solution for incidents—revolutionizing the way employees report by incorporating QR code technology.

Uniting Audit Teams with Mobile Auditing Software

When a company wanted to change their safety audit strategy across their Oceania-based sites, they deployed Gensuite’s Mobile audit solution. With Gensuite, the company was able to establish a Mobile audit process across 15 sites, enabling audit teams to seamlessly share findings, notes and identify opportunities to take action using a single platform.

Simplifying Equipment Inspections Using Comprehensive Mobile Technology

How can companies thoroughly complete equipment inspections on large sites? See how this company leveraged Gensuite to entirely digitize, streamline and ultimately improve their inspections process, from equipment tracking to conducting inspections and assigning findings to corrective actions!

Chemical Management Software System Case Study

Transitioning to a Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication Compliance

A globally recognized pharmaceutical company worked with industry experts to change over 8,000 chemicals products and train employees to a new chemical management system to meet the United Nations’ GHS standard.

Employee Engagement Software Case Study

Enhancing Employee Engagement for Safety Performance Improvement

Enhanced employee engagement in safety improvement programs delivers over 5,000 safety improvement opportunities submitted in less than 18 months, and identifies key site safety “hotspots” in this Asia/Pacific deployment.

Implementing a Globally Successful Digital EHS&S Platform

When searching for the right platform solution, this new Gensuite subscriber assessed their options carefully for key features vital to success. With operations across more than 100 sites globally, they knew they would need both breadth and depth from functionality to figuration and more.

Leveraging Qr Code Technology To Streamline The Inspections Process

When this global technology leader wanted to transition from excel and paper-based inspections processes they turned to Gensuite Inspection Tool to digitize their program.

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