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Gensuite EHS Management Software


Reduce risk, increase employee safety, and improve operational performance

What Makes Gensuite a Leader in EHS Management Software Solutions?

Benefits & Features

EHS management systems help organizations comply with regulations, improve safety processes, reduce environmental impact, and boost sustainability measures. Gensuite’s EHS management software is user-friendly, robust, and highly configurable to meet the needs of the EHS front line and growing organizational needs. Since 1997, our senior leadership team has worked in the EHS industry building EHS solutions for Fortune 100 companies.

Gensuite’s integrated environmental, health and safety software solutions improve employee wellness, streamline EPA compliance and OSHA reporting, increase sustainability, and improve program performance.

  • Intelligent EHS data capture and data management with real-time event and exception altering
  • Integrated H&OP tools and metrics with incident and observation reporting, and built-in CAPA
  • Regulatory, internal and third-party audit and compliance applications for comprehensive risk management
  • Intuitive workflows and system configurability for ease of use
  • Mobile solutions for on-site and remote location data capture and reporting
  • Dedicated 24/7 global support from teams and offices in 8 countries

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Audit & Compliance

Audit and corrective actions made easy with Gensuite Audit management Software that simplifies regulatory compliance audit, inspections and follow up processes.

Change Management

Execute change more confidently with Gensuite Change Management software to manage processes, compliance and risks from operational change.

Chemical Management

Transparent chemical hazard communication and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) software management with Gensuite Chemical Management Software.

Contractor Management

Establish a standardized program to collaborate, track and investigate contractors and incidents with Gensuite Contractor Management Software.

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Integrated data, warehouse, custom data sets & caching, multi-dimensional data feeds, etc.

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