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Audit Assistant

What Makes Gensuite Audit Management Software Solution Stand Out?

Benefits & Features

Audit management in the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) industry is a critical part of success for workplace operations, audit and risk management programs. Gensuite’s software intelligence and services support your organization to help remediate operational EHS issues and quickly identify safety hazards to mitigate incidents and remain in compliance.

Gensuite’s award-winning audit management software simplifies inspections, regulatory compliance, follow-up processes, and corrective actions.

  • Lifecycle audit platform: audit, logging observations, assessing compliance, and assigning corrective actions
  • Satisfy all audit requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 19011 standards
  • Build custom inspection links for specialty standards and requirements
  • Seamless collaboration to engage site, business and corporate teams in tiered program assessments
  • Mobile application capabilities for on-site and in-field audits with photo and video capture

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Reg Auditor

Conduct audits using internally authored protocols or turnkey global content providers; export findings to the Gensuite Action Tracking System.

Inspection Tool

Formalize inspection program management: internal audit checklist, assign auditors and export findings from such inspections to the Gensuite Action Tracking System.

Action Tracking System

Manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignment, notifications and escalations with real-time status / closure tracking, trending and data mining.

Audit Planner

Schedule, staff and manage audits occurring at/ or within site entities and integrate with Auditor Pro’s repository of qualified/experienced auditors.

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Audit Assistant

Analytics embedded in the core

Universal access to a pre-built library of denormalized data, components & dashboards

Training for Editors and Designers to create new visualizations reports

Integrated data, warehouse, custom data sets & caching, multi-dimensional data feeds, etc.

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