Building a Next Generation EHS Program for Optimal Results

Building a Next Generation EHS Program for Optimal Results


Gensuite Customer Story: Iyappan Sriramulu from GE Renewable Energy

Proactive, consistent, and preventative – are all terms used to describe what Iyappan Sriramulu, Senior Manager of Operational EHS at GE Renewable Energy, has done to reshape his EHS program using a suite of Gensuite applications. Using comprehensive Gensuite management systems, Iyappan has been able to define new EHS program expectations, embed employee accountability within processes, and track follow-up and corrective actions.

Redefining Program Success for Compliance of Current EHS Regulations

Defining success in today’s regulatory climate looks different than it did ten years ago. Organizations are measured on having systematic, proactive frameworks built out. Regulatory bodies are demanding that we implement deep internal measures to prevent risk and safety hazards. Iyappan oversees more than 200 contractors and has 60 employees that all use Gensuite software in one facility. Aligning EHS and operations functions becomes increasingly challenging when organizations need to address multiple global sites across the organization, significantly increasing the number of employees and contractors involved.

The Gensuite Risk Based Scorecard application module (referred to as Framework 2.0 within GE) has been a core component of GE Renewables’ program success. The application module helps organizations optimize the structure of their EHS programs, doing so by defining actions needed by employees, designating responsibility, recording facility performance and tracking follow-up through completion. The software helps set very clear expectations for operations and risk management teams – how to start and where to start. After joining the team at GE, and using Framework 2.0, Iyappan has seen significant improvements in how day-to-day operations are handled in conjunction with Gensuite. By standardizing program expectations and evaluations, GE Renewable Energy has streamlined adherence to program policies and set higher standards around best business practices for all global employees and contractors. Iyappan says that because employees know the follow-up is coming, they have come to expect it; the consistency increases individual accountability, improves performance and compliance, and increases trust in management.

For Iyappan, complaints are a key aspect of measurement for opportunity and success. By using Gensuite Risk Based Scorecard, in conjunction with ATS Tracker (Action Tracking System), GE Renewables can easily track complaints and assess trends in order to address areas of opportunity and risk and perform corrective actions. Iyappan says that his team tracks findings and restructures processes accordingly on a continual basis – and this constant evolution amplifies success. When organizations can move into a constant state of process improvement and refinement, as GE Renewable Energy has done, they’re able to operate in accident prevention mode, staying up on requirements and compliance. Iyappan expressed his confidence in Gensuite applications, saying “Every year the questions are reset based on optimal industry best practices. Because of the constant changes and updates, I am confident that I am implementing the optimal EHS framework to the core purpose of the organization.”

Drive EHS Program Performance with Instant Analytics

Prior to using Gensuite applications, Iyappan used a software that provided inadequate data collection and reporting; employees would spend hours mining data. Not only was this inefficient, but it made management reporting extremely challenging. One of his favorite things about joining GE Renewable Energy and using Gensuite is the fact that the data is readily available at your fingertips in seconds. Using the Gensuite application and allowing software to help complete tasks, Iyappan saves time aligning his program to organizational and compliance standards. This gives leadership more time to focus on reporting and evaluation. The digitized reporting eliminates time spent pulling and organizing data. Instead, Iyappan can spend time analyzing and communicating results to the senior leadership team.

Gensuite applications have robust, embedded data analytics that deliver instant insights to employees and management. With this functionality, it increases on-the-job learning and performance. Management can identify and track process improvement initiatives and build attainable KPIs for employees and the organization. Robust, cohesive actionable reporting is the only way to drive operational change, improvements and success in today’s EHS landscape.

About Framework 2.0

Framework 2.0 is a customized, global EHS management and compliance application module that is simplified and aligned to each business unit and facility within GE Renewable Energy. The risk-based scorecard module is descriptive and intelligent, setting clear expectations and requirements for all employees across various departments. Implementation and execution involve participation from everyone involved, so employees are able to learn while performing tasks. Risk applicability screening presents relevant expectations, based upon leading questions, to each global site. This simplifies program success and compliance for organizations that may not be aware of certain requirements. The application is scalable, so that all modules are integrated for ease, but organizations do not have to pay for functions that are not needed for individual sites or facilities.

To learn more about the customized Framework 2.0 or the integrated solution of EHS application modules, contact us today to demo the software.


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