Build Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices through Reporting

Build Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices through Reporting

Environmental Sustainability

The impact your company has on the environment is becoming more relevant with every passing year. At this point and time, the health of the planet is now just as much of a priority for your company as the health of your team members. Sustainability is a global focus and is driven by consumers, governments, corporations, and visibly growing issues. New technologies are helping companies keep track of their sustainability efforts within one centralized platformHelp build processes focused on reducing your organization’s impact on the environment. Build trust with your consumers, stakeholders, and even neighboring communities who can see the impact of your business and its focus on sustainability. Discover how to build and maintain a reputation as a company that focuses on sustainability through technology and proper environmental sustainability reporting. 

The Answer is in The Data 

Sustainability reporting software provides detailed analysis and the insights your organization needs to make a permanent process and program improvements. 

The Sustainability Management EvolutionAdapting Your Operational Processes 

Sustainability is a way of living, a definite mindset. As a new era of sustainability reporting and technology evolves so does research and new tactics to maintain a reputation as a company that focuses on sustainability. New sustainability initiatives are becoming more popular, aggressive, and most of all necessaryThese initiatives include corporations and governments aiming to alter economics and influence production and distribution practices, including reaching upstream to ensure suppliers are using sustainable work practices 

In order to adapt processes to meet sustainability goals, companies must first establish KPI baselines and track sustainability measures relevant for their resource output. Sustainability reporting solutions will enhance the accuracy of data input and include the ability to easily analyze trends. Keeping a pulse on organizational trends in resource usage/consumption and emissions outputs is an imperative step to building ongoing improvementsBy lowering your harmful GHG and carbon emissions, controlling your energy usage, and reducing the use of limited resources, your team can begin to identify opportunity areas to lessen its impact on the planet in a multitude of ways. There is a lot of work that goes into the implementation and execution of sustainability management plans. Having an easy way to track your data and KPIs by individual site and company-wide will give your team more time to adapt processes and track conservation projects to progress toward validating organizational goals.  

Learn more about how to effectively manage the impact your business has on the environment with Gensuite’s Sustainability & Energy Management white paper. 


ISO 14001 Environmental Compliance Certification – Stamp of Credibility 

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards (EMS) certification is a great investment for organizations committed to sustainable operations and is a stamp of credibilityISO 14001 certification provides assurance to an organization’s consumers and partners of a commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible practices via the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle. ISO 14001 demonstrates that environmental sustainability and compliance is a priority at your organization – that you’re committed to strengthening sustainable policies, products and procedures. Certification can lead to international recognition and internal benefits, such as improved productivity and increased revenue, in addition to the external factors previously mentioned. Those who are investing time and money into their sustainability efforts are in fact being recognized and staying ahead of global regulations, but it can take a considerable investment to be successful in the absence of technological solutions. Learn more about the steps to navigating environmental standards and ISO certification in this ISO 14001 white paper. 


Gensuite’s Dedication to Environmental Reporting 

Gensuite offers solutions your team can utilize on desktop computers, laptops, and Mobile devices for added functionality and flexibility. Our Environmental Compliance software streamlines management of key environmental requirements with a focus on air, water, and waste regulatory compliance. Consolidate permit conditions, assign compliance tasks, record ongoing monitoring requirements, perform trend analyses, and automate report generation with Gensuite Environmental Compliance.  

Through our integrated Energy & Sustainability Management software, your company can encompass each aspect of your corporate sustainability program – from the establishment of an energy/resource use through identifying & environmental tracking conservation projects, leading to validation and company-wide performance. Learn more today by visiting our website and discover what environmental sustainability software your company can invest in and incorporate in your future business plans! 

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