Better Air, Better Health: National Air Quality Awareness Week 2020

Better Air, Better Health: National Air Quality Awareness Week 2020

air quality awareness week

There’s no question about the importance of the air we breathe and the effects its quality has on our health, and National Air Quality Awareness Week 2020 is dedicated to just that. This year, AirNow is working in collaboration with multiple partners such as the CDC and EPA, and is taking May 4-8 to focus on aspects of why the quality of the air in our places of residence holds such a sway in our overall health. 

Without this concentration on the way large organizations that deal with the regulation of emissions and compliance around the release of potential pollutants, there would be a significant divide between those companies that hold the capacity to do damage, and the population that would be most affected by this negative outcome. With this annual time dedicated to raising awareness around this issue, it’s more accessible for organizations and individuals to work together on the same page towards a common goal – clean air and steady profit for all. 

Air Quality Awareness Week: 2020’s Theme 

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, it’s become more important than ever for organizations around the globe to ensure complete regulatory compliance and focus on the health & safety of their employees. That includes the quality of air in these facilities and beyond, National Air Quality Awareness Week focuses on Better Air & Better Health in 2020. Topics including:

  • Monday – Wildfires & Smoke 
  • Tuesday – Asthma & Your Health 
  • Wednesday – Where’s Your AQI Coming from? 
  • Thursday – Air Quality Around the World 
  • Friday – Air Quality Educational Resources 

For more information on these topics and how to get involved through social media and at-home environmental education during Air Quality Awareness Week, the following organizations are working in collaboration with AirNow to promote these topics to the broader population and increase the awareness of these essential issues. 

From an organizational standpoint, however, the issue of air management is larger than simply participating in National Air Quality Awareness Week. Although raising awareness is essential, without alignment of organizational standpoint and action on the topic, it’s difficult to make a significant positive impact. The results of improper emission regulation are long-lasting and detrimental – but with the right strategy and system, they can be easily avoided, and air quality monitoring can make a positive impact. 

Do Your Part: Air Emissions Management 

An efficient and comprehensive air quality management program allows an organization to track requirements, stay up to date with monitoring, maintain oversight of permit and operational limits, report across multiple sources, and sustain site-wide oversight of emissions and operational parameters. When a management program has these capabilities, it’s easier than ever to utilize its benefits towards digitizing and streamlining your information. Thus, permitting leadership to direct their efforts towards proactive management and pushing organizational programs towards new levels of success, as opposed to being required to focus their visibility on base-level functionality requirements. 

With Gensuite’s Air Emissions Management Software, it becomes easier than ever to streamline data entry, connect core application features through robust configuration options, and not only achieve all necessary management needs but also go above and beyond in assigning responsibility and tracking performance. Hear it for yourself on our air quality-focused podcast episode, where Gensuite leadership meets with organizational partner, guest, and industry expert from Trinity Consultants to outline exactly why and how Gensuite’s Air Emissions Management software goes above and beyond in fulfilling your organizational air management needs. 


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