Around the World with Gensuite: Global Compliance & Management with Multilingual EHS Software

Around the World with Gensuite: Global Compliance & Management with Multilingual EHS Software

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability keeps workers safe, our environment clean, and our world sustainable. When your job is to protect something as precious as our planet and the people who live in it, it is important to get everyone involved. EHS and sustainability leaders of global operations are constantly thinking about how to effectively engage employees and operations around the world and one of the most important aspects in making this happen is communication.

Companies with global footprints are always looking for tools, resources, training, and guidance information in local language. As a company with a global presence, Gensuite understands this challenge and has worked to develop a number of solutions for its user community! Gensuite provides a comprehensive array of cloud IT solutions serving EH&S and Sustainability, Quality, and a number of other functions. In order to provide to compliance leaders, businesses, and sites across the globe, Gensuite offers multilingual capabilities for the most widely used applications in 16 (or more) languages including: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish.

Gensuite’s multilingual capabilities go beyond just translating words on a page, it’s about working closely with translation partners who have roots in compliance functions and who know how to translate technical software with these functions into something that works for global users. This stretches from screens that users engage with on how to Add/Close out a Finding/Corrective Action, all the way through to email notifications that employees receive in local language regarding their upcoming training requirements. Gensuite has just released a new multilingual feature called “Suggest Translation Improvement”. This innovation enables users to suggest translation adjustments for phrases on multi-lingual pages (e.g., to provide a more context-sensitive word) which is a great way to harness the collaborative power of the user community across 110+ companies that subscribe to Gensuite around the world!

In addition to providing multilingual compliance software solutions, Gensuite also provides users with training and support in local language, with locations in the U.S., India, China, Australia, U.K., Canada, and Mexico. Gensuite has also established partnerships in countries all across the globe, who are able to provide additional multilingual support to customers. Just recently, one of Gensuite’s Brazilian partners provided customer training entirely in Portuguese as part of Gensuite deployment. The user feedback was overwhelmingly positive! One of Gensuite’s users shared, “(Gensuite) will proactively advance and sustain compliance at our sites globally. Many thanks for your continued support and commitment to our EHS programs!”

With locations all around the world, the Gensuite Team appreciates and understands how important it is to make compliance something that anyone can get involved in and support. At the end of the day, by simplifying information and communications across global users, Gensuite’s multilingual capabilities makes it easier for compliance leaders to manage risk and achieve compliance, ultimately protecting the people and planet everyone loves!

What are your multilingual needs? We would love to have the opportunity to know how Gensuite can provide a solution for you and your global teams’ needs. To learn more about different Gensuite products and services, click here or leave a comment below to connect with a Gensuite Team member today!

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  1. johfert Bristomm 3 months ago

    This is the best way for compliance management for the environment and safety for and finds out the budget. this the best software to Identify the risk. Thank you so much for this article
    Compliance management in Pakistan

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