Are you READY for Affordable EHS Software?

Are you READY for Affordable EHS Software?

Are you using Excel spreadsheets to manage your EHS Compliance and Risk Management Program? Do you want an easier way to keep track of these tasks, but have a limited budget? Gensuite READY is the perfect solution for your company.

What is Gensuite READY?

Gensuite READY is a preconfigured, compliance-centric solution ready for fast launch, meaning that our software can be ready in as little as two weeks.

This software offers single sites, smaller organizations, and enterprises interested in pilot and proof of concept deployments an opportunity to plug into a standard, best practice system. This system is ready to use in just 2-4 weeks and is half the cost of a traditional EHS Software Solution! No matter the size of your organization, Gensuite READY could be your solution for launching an EHS software solution fast!

LNS Research stated, in their latest Environment, Health, and Safety Management Software Solution Selection Guide, “that small and medium enterprises should investigate the Gensuite READY pre-configured option, as it could be a cost-effective solution for single sites and smaller companies.” This pre-configured solution can be customized for companies across industry, global location, and employee distribution.

Gensuite READY offers a plug-and-play platform for large, small, one, or multiple sites. It provides a solution for businesses looking for a comprehensive, out-of-the-box EHS Software Solution. It is also ideal for large companies looking to pilot a software program prior to an enterprise launch.

The READY solution offers all the benefits of a traditional EHS Software Solution such as access to compliance assurance, incident managementtraining compliance, and safety management applications with the ability to scale up to an enterprise solution for future needs. This solution is also available on Mobile to allow seamless integrations between desktop and smartphone or tablet devices.

How are Subscribers Using READY?

One of Gensuite’s newest subscribers, a global consumer Health and Wellness Company, will deploy READY at their headquarters facility. Switching from legacy systems, they chose Gensuite READY for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of applications.

Another Gensuite subscriber, a high-performance polymer manufacturer, started using READY at a single site. They have since expanded across multiple sites and have requested for an enterprise transition stating:

“The Gensuite team has performed admirably with our pilot launch – Looking forward to expansion!”

In addition to single site and enterprise pilots, small organizations find READY to be a cost-effective solution to their EHS management needs. A company consisting of two natural gas-fired power generating plants for the California market selected READY to assist their 20 employees with compliance assurance needs at less than half the cost of a traditional solution.

Gensuite READY is the perfect solution for companies of any size, geographic location, or industry. Discover your solution today.

We’re READY When You Are

No matter where your company is starting, our teams can find a configuration to fit your needs. Join a community build on collaboration and continuous product evolution. Contact us today to explore this innovative solution!



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