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Integrate for Even More Capabilities.

Enhance Gensuite API by integrating with advanced technologies.

Go Mobile.

Take your compliance programs and management systems everywhere with Gensuite Mobile–now used by 55,000+ sites worldwide.

Frontier Tech.

Gensuite integrates with emerging technologies, such as beacons, VR, wearables to deliver robust processes, best-practice sharing, performance metrics, and more.

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API in Action!

Generate data elements for your favorite Gensuite applications.

Gensuite API lets You Generate Data Elements for Your Favorite Gensuite Applicaions
Gensuite API lets You Generate Data Elements for Your Favorite Gensuite Applicaions

Why Gensuite API?

Data Extraction

Tap into business-specific Gensuite data for various applications and extract real-time data through standard APIs.

Scope Specific

Most data elements are scope dependent, that’s why you can extract data at all levels–department, site, or business unit.

QR Coding

Log training completions with ease. Enter your action findings and calendar tasks with images directly on a Mobile device.


Stay connected with global teams through a multilingual interface. Gensuite applications speak 18+ languages!

Custom Formatting

Data is automatically available in JSON or XML format. Other custom options are available upon request.

Data Security

Gensuite uses a key-based authentication system. Registered users will be provided a key which is required to obtain a hashed token.

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