Why Gensuite API?

Gensuite APIs make data integration easy. With API software functionality, you can simplify communication between internal and external systems, as well as your personal Gensuite applications and information management systems. APIs can streamline your business practices and help you create a fully-integrated platform to innovate and excel business management processes.

Gensuite APIs allow external systems to access Gensuite by using a predefined set of operations. With real-time data processing and high-speed communication between internal and external systems, as well as standards allowing for simpler specifications, you can integrate these separate communication systems for even more capabilities.

How Can You Use Gensuite API?

Address All Your Business Needs

In-App Reporting

  • Addressing custom concerns in applications
  • Out-of-the-box organisational purposes
  • Action Tracking Systems and Concern Reporting

System Support

  • Support 2-way system integration
  • Support 3rd party BI systems
  • Support any type of standard data structure

Streamline Workflows

  • Operational Gensuite workflows
  • Expose scope lookups and business lookup lists
  • Customize at any level, to support customer need!

Benefits of Gensuite API


Tap into business-specific Gensuite data for various applications and extract real-time data through standard APIs.


Most data elements are scope dependent, that’s why you can extract data at all levels–department, site, or business unit.


Log training completions with ease. Enter your action findings and calendar tasks with images directly on a Mobile device.


Stay connected with global teams through a multilingual interface. Gensuite applications speak 18+ languages!


Data is automatically available in JSON or XML format. Other custom options are available upon request.


Gensuite uses a key-based authentication system. Registered users will be provided a key which is required to obtain a hashed token.

Enhance Gensuite API

Integrate with Smart Technology

Go Mobile

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Gensuite Mobile

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Frontier Technology

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Gensuite Analytics

Gensuite integrates with emerging technologies to deliver top-tier processes, best-practice sharing, and highly refined performance metrics.

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