Track air compliance requirements, assign responsibility for monitoring/record keeping requirements, track performance against permit and operational limits, report across sources, source groups and site-wide on emissions and operational parameters.

Air Emissions Management Software streamlines data entry via a direct connection to site data collection systems. All core application features are augmented by flexible configuration options and powerful extension modules.

Application Highlights

  • Digitize each site’s emission source inventory and define source-parameter combinations subject to air compliance requirements
  • Assign responsibility for compliance requirements, operating and emission limits, and recordkeeping requirements
  • Control emission sources from tanks, loading racks, boilers, and more by tracking on-going use in accordance with site air permits
  • Data mine sources including SPC Charting, data, exceptions, emissions, limits, etc.; extract data to Excel for custom needs
  • Streamline data entry via self-service bulk upload templates
  • Setup customized pollutant emission factors for each parameter
  • Receive automatic email notifications on emissions/operational limit warnings, data delinquencies, and exception reports


  • Track air compliance requirements
  • Assign responsibility for monitoring/record keeping requirements
  • Report across sources, source groups and site-wide on emissions and operational parameters
  • Powerful email integration, including alerts and notifications, to ensure compliance with permit terms and internal requirements
  • Drive employee engagement through Mobile capabilities and automatic notifications of requirements and exceptions
Configure and Deploy Health and Safety Software for Effective EHS Management and EHS Software

Configure And Deploy The System

  • Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

  • Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

  • Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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