Advanced Analytics: The Rising Importance of Health & Safety Incident Reporting

Advanced Analytics: The Rising Importance of Health & Safety Incident Reporting

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, organizations were forced to close, drastically change normal processes and pivot to new procedures. As we make plans to returntowork, incident volume has increased. As a result, the role that advanced analytics plays in protecting and driving business success has become a critical component to ensuring employee safety. In today’s climate, health and safety are critical for all fields facing the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic – such as healthcare and manufacturing workers, suppliers in food and beverage, energy and utilities, and more. 

Tracking, reporting and analytics are quickly becoming a necessity in the workplace, providing business managers with the relevant insights to predict and address health and safety trends. With real-time visibility to illness data, businesses can immediately identify virus exposures and implement measures to protect the health of employees. Advanced data analytics and data mining capabilities allow businesses to effectively track their most important key performance indicators (KPIs), spark more comprehensive conversations between organizational leaders and key stakeholders, and empower business decision-makers with accurate, detailed insights about the future of workplace health and safety. 

It is critical to be able to showcase the business value from your analytics investments to leaders and decision-makers that are searching for programs that provide comprehensive multi-layered data mining capabilities. With the ability to easily search through large amounts of data, it’s easy to access the insights and reports that can help shape your safety program now and in the future. Here’s a look at the importance of engaging with advanced analytics with robust data mining capabilitiesespecially during this time of multi-faceted organizational health and safety needs. 

Enhance Injury and Illness Reporting with Integrated Analytics 

Reducing health and safety incidents is essential in the current business climate. As employees around the globe are returning to work, robust real-time analytics can be vital for mitigating future exposures and neutralizing potential risks. When utilizing a customizable system with the capacity to focus on site-specific or enterprise-wide needs you’re setting your employees and company up for success. With a fully equipped analytics system, you’ll be able to take advantage of and work proactively from a centralized information dashboards and contact log reports, allowing you to track information such as quarantine period planning, return to work scheduling, coronavirus testing trendlines over time, and a holistic overview of exposure circumstance and status. 

Gensuite Insights & Analytics provides a combination of EHS data evaluation, mining, and predictive analysis across every level of your organization. Not only is Gensuite Analytics equipped to help you track pandemic-related information, it is able to shift with your organizational needs as the industry climate changes – and integrate with other, relevant application suites such as Gensuite Mapper, an interactive heatmap allowing leadership to easily view internal data alongside synthesized information from leading global health agencies, tracking COVID-related risks in real time. 

With this software, EHS leadership can direct their focus towards data-based leading indicators for performance, building an organization with the capability to maintain high rates of efficiency and focus on deploying resources while successfully managing the complex terrain of phasing a healthy workforce back into the job and maintaining site safety. At Gensuite, we aim to not only return-to-work safely, but return home safely, too. 

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