Achieve EHS Excellence with Gensuite Functional Services

Achieve EHS Excellence with Gensuite Functional Services

We have all wished for a magic lamp with a Genie inside to do our bidding. With Gensuite Functional Support (GFS), your wish is our command!
As a Compliance Leaders, you have a continuous need to generate reports, conduct analysis, pull data extracts, make administrative updates, and assign activities in your EHS management system. In response, we have created a new turnkey support service for recurring and project-specific tasks to assist Compliance Leaders – Gensuite Functional Support (GFS).

What is Gensuite Functional Support?

EHS, Sustainability and Quality experts are often overwhelmed down by menial, repetitive, or technical tasks. We understand that your time is valuable, and GFS Services enable you to delegate these tasks and routines with ease.

GFS is available to complement our subscribers’ needs for transactional and system administration support activities. This is key to driving effective Gensuite deployment and management. GFS staff are knowledgeable, India-based Gensuite associates, available for deployment on a full-time or part-time basis depending on business scope and support needed. To support continuity, the Gensuite Team will designate a specific GFS associate to your project.

You may be asking, “Why this service from Gensuite?” Our GFS dedicated staff are computer science engineers and have received application use training from Gensuite experts. Many understand business process support, and we match their skills and experience to your needs so that you can delegate routine/defined system administrative duties to your assigned GFS associate. The GFS team is committed to providing first-class service, available at your discretion – as a Gensuite genie – providing the support you need and allowing you to focus on other high priority tasks.

“Gensuite exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to use this team again.”

One current Gensuite subscriber had reporting requirements that were Gensuite-application specific. Pulling the data would have taken the EHS Leader hours. Because one of our associates had experience with this subscriber prior to joining the Gensuite Team, he was able to complete the task quickly and easily. Our India-based team pulled the data overnight and had it waiting in the EHS Leader’s inbox the next morning – resulting in a much faster turnaround and saving the subscriber valuable time.

Another subscriber, Director of Global Environment Health & Safety at an American international manufacturer of private label over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, said: “The transition from one SDS database to another can be daunting. Our project entailed the upload and assignment of more than 8,000 SDSs for use at 6 manufacturing locations. Gensuite exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to use this team again.”

Gensuite software offers holistic EHS, sustainability and quality solutions to your company’s auditing and compliance needs. GFS provides the next step in compliance management and enables your company to streamline day-to-day activities with ease.

Is GFS Service Right for Your Company?

The GFS Service offers several options based on the level of support your business needs. We have a dedicated team of people to helping you meet your operational goals – and at a very economical cost!

Contact Us today to learn more about this innovative service and customize your GFS support plan!


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