Accelerating Issue Resolution Using Quality Management System Software

Accelerating Issue Resolution Using Quality Management System Software

Quality Management System Software

No matter the size or industry, your company will continue to strive for the highest possible quality to ensure the satisfaction of your customers and maintain a stable workflow. Tracking and managing solutions for your quality-related issues is imperative to the success of your company. However, this requires a substantial investment of time and resources.

This is especially true for global companies, including a recent subscriber to our line of Quality Management System Software. This company not only has global facilities and customers worldwide but is also one of the top companies in mobility systems manufacturing and service.

The company came to Gensuite to solve their quality-related issue resolution needs. Specifically, they wanted to streamline the process of logging and resolving non-conformities and quality-related issues, increase communication between technicians and quality managers, and be able to have in-depth training for all employees who needed to learn the recommended software.

Gensuite’s Quality Management System Software

Gensuite’s solution was to introduce the company to our Quality Management System Software suite of applications. With our tools, the company could communicate effectively to report issues and assign tasks and could do so anywhere with the use of the Gensuite Mobile app. The company was also able to easily collect, share and analyze data to perform Root Cause Analyses and manage quality issues with more efficiency.

After training over 5,000 employees through in-person training, overall visibility between technicians and managers improved, followed by an 86X improvement of their issue capture rate. The collected data was acted upon in the Gensuite application which resulted in $10 million program savings.

Other results included:

  • Generated over 50 change orders for manufacturing to engineer reported issues out of the products
  • Provided overall visibility to field technicians & quality managers on status of issues reported
  • $1M in overall quality-related issue resolution investments in the first full year of use

Software like this can seem daunting for your employees at first, but we have a few tips to ensure success with new software.

  • First, be sure to talk to your employees before choosing your software to understand their needs and what would make their job more efficient.
  • Second, be sure to provide in-depth training to employees before the software is implemented into the company workflow.
  • Third, control the deployment of your new software and be sure to only give access to those who have received the proper training.

These steps will provide your team with the confidence and knowledge so your company can achieve results like the company described above.

With the Quality Management suite, communicating with your employees is made simple with an intuitive Mobile interface where observed defects can be tracked and managed by anyone. Developing schedules can be customized for your workplace to include auditing tasks, issue identification, and CAPA where workers can be notified through an automated reminder system. The investment in software from Gensuite can help save your company time and money.

To learn how your company can improve and mobilize your quality-related issue tracking like the company described in this post, download their case study.




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