7 Tips to Successful EHS Software Implementation

7 Tips to Successful EHS Software Implementation

Gensuite LLC believes in providing its subscribers with best-in-class Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) solutions that allow business leaders to manage risk and achieve compliance in EHS in the most efficient way possible. Gensuite’s proven cloud-based applications cater to specific business needs, in order to ensure the perfect fit for each company it serves.

In order to guide those seeking EHS software solutions, Gensuite presents: 7 Tips to Successful EHS Software Implementation

1. Define your processes.

First, identify how operations will run. What are the key functions, points for data access and management where EHS software needs to be integrated?

2. Take control of your organization’s data.

Normalize data definitions, merge duplicates, append and cross-reference identified important data. This will identify industry hazards by locations, users and compatibility.

3. Carefully assess integration capabilities for EHS.

An EHS solution that doesn’t integrate smoothly with the enterprise’s core IT systems such as Single Sign On authentication and Company Directory may end up being a problem rather than a solution.

With Gensuite, subscribers are able to customize EHS programs in order to suit specific business needs on both a small and large scale, allowing for a quick and smooth transition.

4. Define user roles before implementation.

Involve everyone in the process but identify a key contact person as project owner and change management facilitator. Provide training to ensure a seamless transition.

5. Have flexible solution.

Software packages that limit change will be a growth hindrance in every way. Gensuite’s flexible systems let you choose components you need at the time, saving you money, but allowing you to add on down the road as your requirements change or grow.

6. Leverage task automation.

Utilize automation to help you run faster and smoother operations. Gensuite software has the capability to set up notifications alerts and create automatic custom reports to be sent, to prevent potential hazards and EHS rule violations.

7. Keep it simple.

Follow the 80/20 rule: Focus on aspects that have the biggest impact in your operations and work from there. The following is an example:

Gensuite Case Study of a Successful EHS Software Implementation-

A leading silica mining and manufacturing company was seeking an EHS software program that would enable their vision in implementing solutions that would provide personnel at each site with an intuitive, mobile friendly, EHS solution for all employees and use & engagement.
As a fast-growing business with surface mining, railroad transload, and sales and office locations, they identified key challenges such as disparate processes, incident management, environmental compliance and clearance and hazardous waste management.
After careful research, the company chose Gensuite as their EHS software service, for its ability to provide a solution that enabled their business to manage regulatory compliance, and its ability to deliver in integrating with company expectations.
Implementing Gensuite as an EHS Software Solution

As an EHS solutions service provider, Gensuite LLC has seen great satisfaction across the board from its users, seeing a 92% retention rate within its subscriber base. Gensuite’s dedication to its subscribers has also led to the deliverance of 100% on-time customer go-live targets, launching in as quickly as 4 weeks.
If you have questions about how to implement Gensuite’s award winning solutions into your business, contact us today!


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