5 Things You Should Look For in Document Management Software

5 Things You Should Look For in Document Management Software

Do you waste time flipping through folders for searching for misplaced files? Or maybe you have a paper pile accumulating on your desk? Tired of printing and re-printing documents after numerous revisions? You can move paper mountains with document management software! Digitizing your document management creates one place for teams to share, store and edit documents, meaning no waste time or paper, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative – all big wins, especially for compliance-focused teams. It’s time to move those bulky metal file cabinets aside to make room for document management software. Here are the top 5 things to consider when making the paperless transition:

1.) Ability to easily integrate with established business operations
When searching for document management software, it is important to find the right fit for your company to ensure a smooth transition. Before deciding on a software, consider your needs, including how you manage documents, employee usability and future file storage plans. It is also important to consider the scalability of the system that you choose. You want to deploy a system that works with your business now, and will continue to work with your business as you grow in the future. Choosing a flexible system that can easily accommodate business operations, and one that is easy for employees to navigate will make for a painless transition.

2.) Facilitates collaboration
Part of the hassle of using a physical document management structure is that it impedes team collaboration. Digitizing your document management provides a single platform to share, revise and track file versions with all team members and at any global location. To keep files up-to-date, some systems offer the option to schedule reviews, establishing an organized routine for document revisions. Other features that are helpful for collaboration are indexed search, quick preview options and multilingual capabilities. Know what options are available and ask your team what might work best.

3.) Security
For managing sensitive files, security is an important aspect of document management. Service providers offer more security than client-server systems, with IT and security staff equipped to help if there are any issues. When choosing a document management software, you should also know the right security questions to ask. How secure is their server and how often it is backed up and updated? How prompt is their customer support and what are their security protocols? By asking the right questions and staying informed, you can confidently choose a system to trust with your most sensitive corporate and client information.

4.) Administrative Control Features
Internal security is just as critical as external. A system with administrative control features allows users to set permissions that are tailored to the needs and responsibilities of each team member. For example, one user may only need to read a certain file, while another may have authorization to move and delete a file. Setting user permissions with administrative control features guarantees that files are seen and used properly. Not all document management solutions are created equal when it comes to file/folder access restriction so consider what is important or imperative to your operation.

5.) Improves Workflow Management
When digitizing document management, choose a software system with file review and approval workflows. Gensuite Document Management Software allows users to easily set up a chain of command for file review and approval. With Gensuite Doc Manager, users can simply schedule a workflow approval process that manages the revision of files, including options to have multiple reviewers, set due dates, and automatically update any changes made. This functionality streamlines the revision process by effectively directing the workflow of file revision and approval, keeping team projects rolling.

Gensuite has created a document management system that is structured to meet these essential needs for their subscribers and has received positive feedback. One user said, “Doc Manager is working great and meets our team’s need for greater document management/control within Gensuite. The tie-in with our organizational hierarchy and calendar tasks have improved ongoing references of the most up-to-date documents.”

The Gensuite Team also uses Doc Manager to manage and store over 200,000+ documents across its 7 locations! Doc Manager makes it easy for our teams to collaborate, safely store documents and organize file reviews, no matter where our team members are located across the globe!

Utilizing online document management software has many benefits over paper-based file management. It is cost-effective, eliminates the need for paper files, increases team productivity and is an eco-friendly solution. When choosing document management software, it is important to consider your business needs and your available options. Gensuite is one great option for seamless file management, with various capabilities and added features that make managing documents a breeze.



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