5 Reasons Why Gensuite Should Be Part of Your Summer Plans

5 Reasons Why Gensuite Should Be Part of Your Summer Plans

With summer just around the corner, many folks are beginning to arrange personal plans. But have you considered making professional summer plans? In the same way that we take vacation to recharge from work, we can attend professional conferences to recharge the way we work. As a global company, our Gensuite team offers our international users the best in the industry, and that includes professional growth opportunities.

To follow-up our U.S.-based annual customer conference, we host regional conferences all around the world. From the U.K. to Dubai, our regional conferences present an opportunity for users to come together to learn, share and collaborate with other members of the Gensuite community.

Here are 5 reasons why you should include Gensuite Regional Conferences in your summer plans.

  • Learn best practices from businesses in your region

With conferences in locations including the U.S., China, Canada, India, Mexico, the U.K. and the United Arab Emirates, Gensuite offers conference coverage around the globe. Whether you’re in London or Monterrey, you’ll be working side by side with business leaders from your own region.

  • Experience Gensuite products first-hand

At Gensuite, we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and we believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. With tech ranging from Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence, conference attendees will get a first-hand, interactive tour of the latest in compliance and management system software innovations.

  • Engage with Gensuite experts and users in focused breakout sessions

It’s easy to feel lost in a crowd, so our conferences offer focused breakout sessions in small groups to give you the opportunity to engage. You will collaborate with Gensuite experts and others in concentrated Innovation & Evolution discussions, perfect for envelope-pushers and change-makers interested in exploring Gensuite in a future-forward capacity.

  • Network with other thought leaders like you

Those who choose to attend Gensuite Regional Conferences all come with the same goal in mind: to strategically improve and innovate compliance and management system processes. With this common thread stringing Gensuite subscribers together, you’ll have the opportunity to network with passionate thought leaders all working towards the same mission.

  • It’s fun!

Yes, you read that right – work can be fun. From hands-on challenges to meet & mingle lunches, Gensuite knows how to make these conferences more than just interesting. In fact, at last year’s U.S.-based conference, attendees revved their engines as they had the chance to race around the world-renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway! What fun-filled entertainment do we have planned this year? You’ll have to register to find out!

While there are many personal benefits associated with the Gensuite Regional Conferences, perhaps the greatest reason to join this year is to become part of a group that is going to change business for the better. Gensuite is partnering with incredible organizations to deliver extraordinary value to EHS & Sustainability programs and beyond. Let’s work together to shape the future of Gensuite, and compliance and management systems around the world.

So, before you send those summer ‘OOO’ requests, consider adding a personal growth day with Gensuite. To see all of the regional conferences that we are offering, visit our events page.


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