3 Tips on How to Perform Well on Audits Using EHS Software

3 Tips on How to Perform Well on Audits Using EHS Software

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Every employer and businessperson should ask themselves this critical question: how well is your company complying with federally mandated environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulations?

Your company should be concerned with meeting these standards for the sake of the health and safety of its employees, but also for passing EHS audits. And everyone within the company should play a vital role in ensuring this happens. However, in a recent survey, 45% of employees said that they didn’t feel comfortable pointing out potentially unsafe behaviors to their peers or their supervisors, and 72% of employees were largely unaware of the function of their company’s EHS department. Changing the way your employees react to unsafe behaviors through training-based software, or EHS audit software, can dramatically improve your EHS demographic.

Internal self-audits can reveal some of these issues for employees, while also making overall conditions safer. Though this problem doesn’t apply to all companies, being mindful in all situations can ensure a continued path of mitigated risks, or even reduced risks.

By conducting audits internally, you will be more prepared for external audits. In the long run this will reduce costly fines, and show your consumers that you are a leader in your industry. Discover how to do well on EHS audits with 3 tips, in preparing for both internal EHS audits and external audits from regulatory agencies:

Make Sure Data Are Accurate

Don’t cherry pick data to present to the auditors. Not only can this lead to the neglect of an actual and serious issue, but dishonest reporting of your data can hurt your reputation in a big way. Make sure this message is passed down to everyone at your site as well.

Have Realistic Goals

Regulators do not expect perfection, and being overzealous with environmental compliance can sometimes lead to failure. Set realistic, attainable goals, then make sure the EHS organization is keeping the site and the company on track to meet those goals. What inspectors really want to see is progress and the beginnings of work on more sustainable and safe systems.

Be Objective

Or, at least, be as objective as you can. Remember, you have nothing to gain from not being 100% transparent to inspectors – and yourself. Your reputation among community members, stakeholders, and shareholders will only be improved by releasing the raw data from before or after an audit. Environmental health and safety management is no joke.

Audits can be very stressful, but there are simple ways to relieve the pressure. By being honest and using new digital tools like online audit and compliance assurance systems, employee training software, OSHA reported software, and health and safety software, you can prepare for audits and rest easier knowing that you have a management system to assure environmental, health & safety compliance.

Gensuite offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based environmental, health & safety applications to help you ace your next audit, and achieve compliance easily. Gensuite’s award-winning Audit Management software suite simplifies the audit and inspections process with digitized internal assesments, audit and inspection scheduling, Mobile auditing capabilities and more! Discover Gensuite by contacting us.



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