2020 Gensuite Conference: All Virtual, New Reveals!

2020 Gensuite Conference: All Virtual, New Reveals!

Virtual Conference

120 global subscriber companies, 350+ attendees – 100% Virtual! 

The May 2020 Annual Gensuite Conference brought together a community subscribers and partners for an exclusive experience – virtually to keep our subscribers, partners, team members, and communities safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The exciting 3-½ hour agenda coupled networking and best-practice sharing sessions, first reveals and exciting demos, and customer presentations, to keep everyone engaged, collaborating, and ideating, throughout the sessions.  Indeed, the most common feedback from attendees was that they could have gone on longer, and that we need to do this again!

Here are the most’s from this year’s unique conference, to be reprised soon, by popular demand, in September!

Most Fun: Dark Mode

Most Exciting: U Connect

Most Interesting: My Gensuite

Most Futuristic: pSIF Advisor

Most Hilarious: The Virtual Video Backgrounds

Covid-19 Response Pivot

The 2020 conference kicked off with a thank you to all those who’ve shared best practices with us during the Covid-19 Executive Collaboration Workgroup, meeting every Friday since April 3rd.  With the collective participation from the 8 calls amounting to 1200 total attendees, 16 featured speakers, and 62+ LinkedIn Posts and shared resources, the workgroup has brought about some of our most recent innovations such as the Pandemic Workplace Response and Contact Tracing tool, integrated in our Incidents and Measurements (I&M) application.

Now available free to all subscribers to help focus on protecting employees and the continuity of operations, we’re happy to continue building on our best practices of collaborative solution development that we started back when the I&M app was first launched to GE back in 2002.  For more information on the pandemic tools, review our Covid-19 Resources.

First Reveals

The 2020 Gensuite Conference remained true to form, continuing the proud tradition of “first reveals” of new and cutting-edge technology at Gensuite Conferences. 

This year’s conference featured live demonstrations and first looks at all of these exciting new products and technologies:

U Connect

Brand new, in-app collaboration and remote expert/auditor engagement solution that is fully integrated on Gensuite desktop and mobile platforms.  Lots of great feedback including this from Elizabeth Kimbley at Jubilant Pharma, “Great tool to collaborate with my peers during my onsite audits.”

pSIF Advisor 

Create and test AI engine for pSIF (potential serious injuries and fatalities) identification and high-risk incident types, to gain different perspectives in regard to severity.

Dark Mode

We’re now offering a sharp, new dark mode feature, to view your Gensuite solutions without the bright white background screen, to go easy on your eyes.

My Gensuite

Our reimagined Gensuite Homepage is designed to assist you in identifying priorities and taking action, all from a single page.  Look for the full beta release this summer!


An integrated learning and training assignment management program, with Covid-19 content available within our learning library and trackable features for leadership to report on completions.

Roadmap Showcase

From first looks to special showcases, the conference gave a glimpse into what we have in the works, so you can look forward to new innovations on our product roadmap.   We’ve re-aligned our 2020 product roadmap to focus on what matters most to you right now in light of the pandemic, while continuing to address market demands and regulatory changes.  As we are faced with the pandemic, innovation has been accelerated, moving frontier technology, like these showcased at the conference, to become a business necessity rather than a curiosity.

IoT for Automated Near Miss Reporting

Imagine your equipment detects pedestrians in safety zones and notifies the driver and pedestrians of potential risks.  With Gensuite Concern Reporting, these near misses are automatically logged.

Image Recognition:  Genny Vision

AI-powered image recognition engine can be the “eyes” of a given environment to detect and notify of risks introduced in the workplace.  Attendees, like Charles Malaniak from Wakefern, were excited about the concept, “It’s really going to help change worker behaviors and help us to better monitor and respond.”

Application and Workgroup Roadmap Review

Through the pandemic, we continued with the momentum we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year on targets that have allowed us to bring subscribers some amazing new apps and new features in our most widely used apps!  From focus groups on Incident Management, Occupational Health, Sustainability, and Regulated Asset & Equipment Management to functional updates on Compliance Calendar, Lockout Tagout, Ergo Evaluator, and more, gave way to tools and enhancements designed for you.

Thank You

As we look ahead to a time when we can all come together again for a more traditional in-person Gensuite Conference, we are grateful for our wide subscriber group and their collaboration, partnership, ingenuity, and continued commitment to the greater EHS&S community.  We are excited to continuing connecting with you on our weekly Covid-19 Executive Collaboration Workgroup, so join in the conversation, today.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2020 Virtual Gensuite Conference.  Please join us for our next virtual Gensuite Conference, in September 2020!  Learn more about the topics covered in our May 2020 Gensuite Conference and take a look at our most recent innovative conferences from the last five years.

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