10-Tip Countdown to Crime and Cyber Security Awareness

10-Tip Countdown to Crime and Cyber Security Awareness

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October represents many familiar sights and celebrations, some wanted and unwanted. You enjoy the annual glow of carved pumpkins and spiked mulled cider at your work’s Halloween party, but what about the annual spike in cybercrime and workplace security risks? October also represents these unwarranted “sights and celebrations.” The kind that may begin as a practical joke, or even something more serious, such as a full-on data breach. In order to bring about awareness and help reduce the effects of such maliciousness, October stands for National Crime Prevention Month and Cyber Security Awareness Month. In a U.S. Department of Justice study, the summer and fall seasons recorded the highest amount of crime. So, during this month of increased risk, Gensuite brings you a 10-tip countdown to crime and cyber security awareness, that way you can fight cybercrime and reduce workplace security risks all year long.


Tip 10

Kick-off the countdown with Gensuite Security Program Management software for all your security program management needs! Conduct vulnerability and risk assessments, review risk profiles, engage with employees and security professionals in reporting follow-up procedures, trending security concerns and incidents. Even utilize proven, field-tested mobile software!


Tip 9

Did you know most workplace risks are internal? Be sure to deactivate company email and access accounts when employees leave the company. Recognize that your employees have access to important information, both past and current. Ensure that you stay on-top of unnecessary risks by conducting internal “housekeeping” on a regular basis by validating access levels and protecting account security through regular password updates.


Tip 8

Do you or your company still document important information on paper? The legal sector had a 32% increase in the number of security incidents. In particular, legal information is often in the form of paper files, which are carried around and easily lost or stolen. Investing in a secure, cloud-based data collection system can reduce these risks, and sort out messy regulatory audits.


Tip 7

The industrial, home, health and transportation industries are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT). But with billions of connected devices and more data pushed into the cloud, a security plan must be in place to protect it all. Wear wearables, but ensure your data is “wearing” protection.


Tip 6

It may seem like all security risks take place in the cloud or in the virtual world, but you should always consider all security risks. Promote a more secure workplace by implementing a written security policy for when non-virtual risks arise, such as break-ins.


Tip 5

To prevent more non-virtual threats, your company may choose to invest in a high-tech security system, such as a facial recognition systems or fingerprint scanners to enter a building. Cheaper alternatives may include password coded doors.


Tip 4

Train employees on cyber security best practices and other security drills to avoid unnecessary risks, such as maliciously leaked info to a competitor. Conduct security awareness training to educate employees on acceptable and unacceptable behavior.


Tip 3

Document security incidents from occurrence to investigation. Tracking risks can identify trends and put an end to your workplace security incidents. Make this process simpler with datamining and analytics tools.


Tip 2

October is not just about raising crime awareness and cyber security in the workplace. These national campaigns also aim to recognize and raise the awareness of important issues such as victimization, volunteerism and creating safer, more caring communities.


Tip 1

How do you manage workplace crime and security? Has your workplace ever suffered a security risk? If so, how did you promote a safer and more secure workplace, and learn to manage? Share with us in the comments below!


Remember to stay aware of security risks not just in the virtual world, but in the non-virtual world. Follow these 10 tips and share a few of your own to bring insights this National Crime Prevention Month and National Security Awareness Month, so we can continue the trend to a more secure workplace.


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