10 Global EHS Trends to Watch in 2018 [Infographic]

10 Global EHS Trends to Watch in 2018 [Infographic]

EHS Trends

What Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) trends can we expect to see at work in 2018? Some EHS trends will remain from last year, such as cloud-based storage systems and Big Data, but new movements including telematics adoption, budget increases and Mobile growth are paving the way for new advancements in the workplace. As leaders in innovation and evolution, the Gensuite team is constantly evaluating how we can integrate emerging technology with our compliance and management applications. Our team weighs-in with these 10 global EHS trends to watch in 2018.

1. Mobile technology on the rise

Last year, mobile EHS technology proved to be popular through its ease of use, efficiency and availability. Have you adopted an app that enables you to audit with ease, manage your equipment and conduct inspections in the palm of your hand? With Gensuite Mobile standing true for 10+ years and  with 55,000+ global users, you can hop on this existing yet rising trend and have compliance and management software anywhere and anytime.

2. More EHS spending

EHS directors are expected to increase their budgets in 2018. According to a Verdantix survey, 42 percent of EHS directors will increase technology spending, and 35 percent will prioritize spending on worker safety.

3. Cloud-based software

As an EHS professional, you’re always looking for the best solutions to fit your needs, including safety, incident management, reporting and analytics. Gensuite’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based EHS Software Solutions deliver intuitive and robust best-practice based functionality, enabling compliance and management systems excellence across diverse industries.

4. Accepting environmental compliance

If you want to be a leading EHS organization, you can’t rely on regulations to guide your enterprise’s performance. This year EHS leaders will aim to reduce risks and consumer needs despite the regulations under the current administration. Gensuite Environmental Compliance Software streamlines management of key environmental requirements helping your company stay on track.

5. More emphasis on safety culture

Employee safety is crucial to the success of any workplace. This year you can expect to see a focus on personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety programs to improve worker productivity and workplace safety

6. Reliance on predictive analysis and prevention

EHS management teams will be using leading indicators to identify and control risks. To do this, EHS teams will use analytics tools to collect risk management data and to help prevent incidents before they arise.

7. Telematics adoption

Thousands of workers die annually due to occupational automobile accidents but with Telematics EHS professionals will have access to a variety of real-time metrics, including location coordinates, speed and distance metrics and driving conditions and behaviors. The data provided can help shed light on the root causes of vehicle incidents.

8. Big Data is still getting bigger

Data integration software will still be an essential tool for EHS program leaders. Why? It links performance with analytics, piecing together how to proactively address incidents and risks and how to plan preventative action. With Gensuite Analytics, EHS management can up the competition with further analytics and insights.

9. Renewed OSHA recordkeeping rules

In 2018, applicable organizations will be required to submit more data electronically via OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application. Gensuite’s Incident Management software can help you stay on top of electronic data submissions.

10. Data security

Past years have shown us that cybersecurity poses separate, complex threats your organization must always be prepared for. Gensuite Security Management Software provides complete visibility to your company’s physical and digital landscape, revealing current risks and how to manage them.


We may not be able to predict how these trends will play out throughout the year. However, one thing is certain—technology will continue to grow. Gensuite continues to push the innovation envelope – across technology, process improvement and performance excellence. Our team is ready to serve you, whether you choose to adopt new devices at work, or are looking for award-winning cloud-based solutions. Partner with us to fulfill your business needs in 2018 and into the future.


EHS Trends


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